Submit a bounty

You can submit your own transaction to be added to the pool of bounties, as an added incentive for miners to increase the block size limit. See the options below to get started.

Option 1: Create your own transaction

If you are capable of creating and signing your own transactions, simply upload your signed transaction in hex format and it will be included in the bounty pool. In order for a transaction to be valid, it must reference one of the outputs from the original 1MB transaction, and must provide all or most of its funds as a miner fee. The below instructions use as an example:

  1. Add the inputs for the funds you wish to donate to the bounty.
  2. On, do this by starting a new transaction, entering the address that contains the funds in the box at the top and click "load".

  3. Reference the 1MB transaction to make your bounty only available to big blocks.
  4. On, switch to the inputs tab and click the "+" button to add an input. Click the button below to see the information you need to enter in the boxes:

  5. Set an output to make the transaction valid.
  6. On, switch back to the output tab. Enter a bitcoin address (your own is fine) and for "Amount" type in the number 0. This will denote all of the incoming funds as a miner fee for whomever minds the big block. Click "submit" to generate the transaction.

  7. Sign the transaction.
  8. Copy the transaction you've generated and sign it using local wallet software. If you are comfortable using, go to the "sign" tab, paste the transaction in the bottom box and paste your private key in the top box. Click "submit" to get the signed transaction.

  9. Submit the transaction.
  10. Paste your signed transaction into the box below, and click submit!

Option 2: Sign a transaction we create

Coming soon!

Option 3: Provide your private key and let us sign for you

Coming soon!

Option 4: Donate your funds to a communal bounty

If you don't want to bother with creating and signing transactions, you can donate funds to the address below. Any funds received to this address will automatically be added to a bounty transaction and added to the pool. Note: Funds donated to the bounty address can not be returned.

Bounty address: 1BoUnTyLRugAEB1fs2QUmocvn5NnmDeXTx

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