Claim a bounty

If you run a mining pool, you most likely already understand how to put these signed transactions into the blocks you mine. To get started, download the "save the chain" transaction, as it must be the first transaction included. Once the "save the chain" transaction is mined all other bounties listed here can be included.

If you mine a block larger than 1mb, it will be important to ensure it is supported by the network and followed by other miners. Perhaps including an "anyone can spend" transaction in the block that shares some of the reward with the miner of the next block will be enough to keep the chain going. Leaving some of the bounties listed here for future miners could be another good strategy. If you would like advice, you can always contact us.

You can click on a transaction ID below to download that transaction, or click here to download a comma-delimited file containing all transactions.

Transaction ID From Amount Submitted
168342912c5854b9ae2992e3d25b29bb3dc2cc71f9c1f458239aca21f6b54d3a 168342912c5854b9ae2992e3d25b29bb3d 279.999999 5-3-2017