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For more than a year now, a debate has been ongoing about how to best scale the bitcoin blockchain. Some wish to simply increase the arbitrarily-set 1mb block size limit. Others claim doing so could be dangerous. Many say bitcoin miners don't have any financial incentive to try something so bold.

Well, here is the financial incentive: free money for any miner who takes the first step to mining big blocks!

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168342912c5854b9ae2992e3d25b29bb3dc2cc71f9c1f458239aca21f6b54d3a 279.999999 5-3-2017
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How does it work?

Any miner who creates a bitcoin block larger than 1mb risks being ignored by the rest of the network, and losing their income from that block in the process. On May 3, 2017, a 1mb transaction was published under the title "Save the Chain!", which pays almost 274 bitcoin to any miner who includes it in a block. Doing so would force the block size to exceed the 1mb limit, however, so the incentive needs to be quite large (and any miner who accepts the challenge needs to be creative in how they encourage other miners to follow their lead). It is possible to create additional transactions ("bounties") that provide an additional reward that is only valid after the "save the chain" transaction has been included in the blockchain.

This site facilitates the creation and publishing of these additional bounties, using the funds of bitcoin enthusiasts who want to see bitcoin scale! If you are interested in joining the cause, click here to get started.


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